Summer Life

Our 9-week Summer@CanIL has been developed to give people a taste of what it means to learn language and culture within a close-knit community.

Summer Housing

Nothing compares to life in a TWU dorm. Where else can you wake up five minutes before class and still be on time, or walk out your front door and instantly find friends to join you in a game of ping-pong or volleyball or a studying session? Summer@CanIL students and staff are encouraged to live on the TWU campus to participate in the unique community that the summer program offers. There are cooking facilities in the dorms or the option of eating delicious cafeteria meals.

Community Chapels

Three times a week, students and staff step away from studying for a time of praise and reflection. Through this we gain a better understanding of God’s intentions and purposes at the global, community and individual level, and are inspired by the testimony of God’s work in our lives.


A weekly time dedicated to meditating on God’s Word and interacting with Scripture through guided readings and contemplation.


We have a weekly community prayer time where staff and students pray for the summer, each other, alumni, and regions of the world.

Global Snax n Pix

Have an international experience several times over the summer! Enjoy a challenging presentation by gifted speakers who share their experiences from different geographic focus areas. Try snacks from around the world and participate in some of the cultural activities from that area. Wearing international attire is encouraged.

Saturday Brunch

We have a few Saturday Brunches for on and off-campus students. All are invited to gather together for a delicious hot breakfast, stimulating conversation and fun.

Hiking & Camping

The West Coast is world-renowned for its beauty. With literally hundreds of kilometers of trails within a 40-minute drive, there are many opportunities to make the most of it. Join informal explorations throughout the year, and planned group hikes in the summer. Go camping and fishing in the surrounding mountains and valleys or hang out at the lakes, go hiking, and sing around the campfire. Each July, CanIL students, staff, and faculty go camping together in picturesque Squamish or Hope, B.C.

Group Sports

The great West Coast weather is a perfect excuse to get out and have some fun. The CanIL community tries to get out each week to play Ultimate Frisbee. This is a perfect sporting event for those who want to take their cardio workout to the next level. The high-flying plays of this game will leave you feeling exhilarated. We also have friendly bi-weekly volleyball competitions.

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