Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities

At CanIL, our faculty model academic excellence through research and ongoing involvement in active minority language development projects around the globe … and we encourage students to become involved with us in mentorship roles. CanIL offers thesis writing opportunities and helps interested students find venues to present and publish papers and research. We help find grants for research and internship programs.


Students in our graduate programs have the option of pursuing a thesis or a non-thesis route. The thesis option is encouraged for students who are interested in pursuing doctoral studies in the future and those that have some field experience and would like some concentrated time to study some aspect of language or culture under the direction of one of our field experienced thesis supervisors. Most students spend approximately one year researching for and writing their thesis, including the revision process. Each thesis culminates in an oral defense.

Publishing Papers

Throughout our students’ educational experience, they become involved in various research projects. Our students regularly impress us by articulating their discoveries very well. So we have developed a mechanism by which well written papers can be published, first for their peers in our CanIL Electronic Working Papers (CanIL EWP) series. This venue is also an opportunity for our faculty and alumni to present some of their current research to be commented on by peers. Then, select students and faculty are chosen to present their papers at linguistic conferences throughout North America.

Research Grants

In order to aid students in their research endeavours, CanIL helps arrange research grants to help students with travel costs and other costs that might be associated with their research. These grants are arranged on a case-by-case basis.


With our faculty’s current involvement with active language programs around the world, there are limited opportunities for students to be involved in mentored language development activities to help them gain skills in various linguistic and literacy specialties.


Every 2 to 3 weeks during the school year, faculty, students, and visiting scholars have the opportunity to present their latest linguistic research to their peers and colleagues. Come, grab a refreshment, and prepare to have your linguistic horizons expanded.
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