Why Choose CanIL?

Training with a heart to serve others

Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) integrates scholarship with linguistics in service to language communities worldwide. We provide a wide range of applied linguistics training with specialties in descriptive linguistics, language survey, Bible translation, orthography development, literacy development, and language documentation.

Our faculty have vast cross-cultural and linguistic expertise

The majority of our faculty and staff have had firsthand experience serving in minority-language communities around the world, and several maintain regular interaction with minority-language communities. Class sizes are normally 15 – 30 students, providing for optimal communication and learning. Staff and students interact frequently outside the classroom, mutually fostering a rich community of living and learning. We are committed to mentoring and educating our students in a variety of linguistic and cultural contexts through teaching-assistant positions and research opportunities.

Our training is streamlined and practical

We offer a wide variety of courses to fit your interests and needs.

  • An intensive summer program with reduced tuition rates. For first-time students interested in training tracks or graduate degrees, we highly recommend attending the summer session. It offers optimal course sequencing, not to mention the nearby ocean, mountains and great summer weather.
  • 8 undergraduate training tracks and 8 graduate training tracks to prepare you for initial fieldwork with many mission agencies and other cross-cultural organizations.
  • Bachelor’s degrees with a major or minor in linguistics offered through Trinity Western University (BC), Tyndale University (ON), and a number of other partner schools.
  • Master of Arts in Linguistics through Trinity Western University.
  • Master of Arts in Linguistics and Translation through ACTS Seminaries (on the campus of TWU).
  • Doctor of Ministry with Bible translation specialization through ACTS Seminaries (on the campus of TWU).
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