Applications for Summer 2020 are now closed.

May 19, 2020 Update: Thank you for your interest in our summer program. Our classes are fully enrolled. Our training programs run all year so feel free to check out starting a program in Fall or Spring, or next summer.

In light of COVID-19, our CanIL training programs are fully online for Summer 2020 with no current plans for an on-campus summer session. Take classes online from anywhere in the world!

Each year, we look forward to the on-campus learning environment in summer. This summer, we are committed to providing an excellent online learning experience in our applied linguistics courses. We have experience in delivering a number of advanced online courses and are now extending that to all of our summer classes.

A big part of our regular summer program is multiple opportunities to interact with each other outside the classroom – the community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and field-personnel. It’s a great time to have fun together, worship together in chapels and ask questions about living and serving in different locations around the world. This summer, in our online-only delivery, we will be providing opportunities for these kinds of interactions! Although we are not meeting on campus, we encourage you to join us for a summer of linguistic learning and community.

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See you ONLINE this summer!

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Our summer program is a natural academic entry point

Our 9 week summer linguistic training is a custom-designed, intensive and fun-filled program that is designed to properly launch you into one of several Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees, or one of our 8 Training Tracks by helping you to complete your pre-requisite courses. Our summer program courses are also listed in the academic calendars of a number of schools for their students to complete their linguistic electives.

Summer is also a great opportunity to test the waters of linguistics, literacy, Bible translation, Scripture Use, and studies in language and culture. Come for 9 weeks and then make your choice from there.

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Learn from field experienced faculty

Most CanIL staff have first-hand experience working overseas. Our instructors and faculty have extensive experience in linguistic analysis, literacy, Bible translation, Scripture engagement, linguistic software development and language survey from a variety of locations and minority languages around the world. Many of our faculty are still actively involved in field projects. If you have questions about working and living in a global context, our summer program provides an excellent opportunity to find answers to those questions.

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Benefit from reduced tuition & financial aid incentives

For first time students, summer tuition is an unprecedented $255 per credit hour! In addition, you can apply for financial aid. Qualifying students typically receive $1000-1500 toward their tuition costs.

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