Summer 2021 Applications Now Open

(June 14 – August 14, 2021)

Each year, we look forward to our summer on-campus learning environment. As in Summer 2020, and until the University is permitted to bring students on campus again, we are committed to offering an excellent online learning experience in applied linguistics. We now have extensive experience in delivering advanced online courses, and are now extending it to our full slate of summer classes.

A big part of our regular summer program is multiple opportunities to interact with each other outside the classroom – the community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and field personnel. It’s a great time to have fun together, worship together in chapels, and ask questions about living and serving in different locations around the world. This summer, given the likelihood of continuing online delivery, we expect to continue providing opportunities for these kinds of interactions! Although we may not meet on campus, we encourage you to join us for a summer of linguistic learning and community.


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PROGRAM DELIVERY: All courses will be offered online, and will be accessible to students regardless of their time zone. If the COVID and Immigration context is such that students are able to come to CanIL and experience in-person community-building (following health protocols), accepted students will be welcome to join us on our CanIL West campus in BC, Canada. If you are not  able to come in person, CanIL will still be providing excellent online courses, and will do all that we can to support community-building with our online students. 

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Summer@CanIL, a Natural Academic Entry Point

Our 9-week summer linguistic training is a customized, intensive and fun-filled program designed so you may complete your pre-requisite courses and launch into one of several Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees, or any of our eight Training Tracks. Our summer program courses are also listed in the academic calendars of several schools so students may complete their linguistics electives.

Summer is also a great opportunity to test the waters of linguistics, literacy, Bible translation, Scripture Use, and studies in language and culture. Come for 9 weeks and then make your choice from there.

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Benefit Now! Reduced Tuition, More Financial Aid

For first-time students, summer tuition is an unprecedented $255 per credit hour! In addition, you may apply for financial aid. Qualifying students typically receive $1,000-$1,500 toward their tuition costs.

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World Class Field-Experienced Faculty

Most CanIL staff have first-hand experience working overseas. Our instructors and faculty have extensive experience in linguistic analysis, literacy, Bible translation, Scripture use, linguistic software development, and language survey from a variety of locations and minority languages around the world. Many of our faculty are still actively involved in field projects. If you have questions about working and living in a global context, our summer program provides an excellent opportunity to find answers to those questions.

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